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WQD cast iron model small sewage pump is usually made of cast iron material, which is a material with high wear resistance and strength, but its resistance to corrosion is relatively low. Therefore, WQD cast iron model small sewage pump may not be suitable for some strong corrosive media.
If you need to use a sewage pump in the case of dealing with strong corrosive media, you can consider using a pump made of corrosion-resistant materials, such as 316 stainless steel, PVC, PE, etc. In addition, according to the characteristics of different media, different types of pumps can be selected to meet the processing needs.
WQD cast iron model small sewage pump usually has better solid performance. Because its material is cast iron, which is a material with high strength and good toughness, it can ensure the firm structure of the pump. In addition, WQD cast iron model small sewage pump will also adopt a series of reinforcement measures during the design and manufacturing process, such as reasonable structure design, component reinforcement, fastener fixing, etc., to ensure that the pump has better solid performance.
Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to regular inspection and maintenance during use to avoid wear and loosening of the pump caused by long-term operation, which will affect the firm performance of the pump.
WQD cast iron model small sewage pump is a small pump product used in household, industrial and agricultural fields, with the following characteristics:
Compact structure, small size, easy to install and move.
It is suitable for discharging waste water containing solid particles and fibers, and can effectively discharge sewage and sewage.
Wastewater can be discharged to collection facilities such as the ground, ditches or ponds to maintain environmental sanitation.
Made of cast iron, it has good wear resistance and strength, and can withstand high working pressure.
It adopts a sealed structure design to prevent water leakage and environmental pollution.
With low noise and vibration, it will not affect the surrounding environment and human health during use.
In a word, WQD cast iron model small sewage pump has the characteristics of compact structure, easy operation and stable performance, which can meet the sewage discharge needs of household, industry and agriculture.