Advantage of solar water pump
High efficiency because of PMSM
MPPT function
lntelligent water shortage protectionLonger life than normal AC water pumpover-load protechion, under-load protection,lock-rotor protection, thermal proteciton.



Angdong Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer integrating sewage pump casing and pipeline pump casing casting, processing, sewage pump and pipeline pump assembly and testing. As a professional

China OEM/ODM pipeline centrifugal pump manufacturers and solar pump factory

, Angdong from mold development, sand foundry, processing, assembly and testing are all realized through one-stop, truly make sewage pumps and pipeline pumps high-end quality, and bring good products and good prices to the market. At present, our cooperative customers include Vanke Group, Country Garden, China Railway Administration, China Power and many other powerful brand companies.
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Why choose us

  • Industry Experience

    The company's predecessor is Wanyou Pump Shell Factory, which has been engaged in the production of water pumps for more than 20 years.
  • Technical Specialist

    Technical experts are dedicated to researchingproduct performance and developing newproducts, ensuring quality and innovation.
  • Construction Team

    From the pump casing to the production of finished products, the workers are skilled in araftsmanship and have high production efficiency.
  • Test System

    Coil winding, motor test, pump casing test, performance test bench and national test Everypump is tested in place without a single step.
  • Cooperating Customers

    With high-quality products and professional attitude, it is liked by customers and cooperateswith many state-owned enterprise projects.
  • After-Sales service

    Respond quickly within 2-4 hours after sales, treat every customer with heart conduct regular project quality return visits, find problems and deal with them in time.


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